Monthly costs, including VAT 4,59€ 8,99€ on request
Methods of Payment annually in advance, via bank transfer or paypal
Period of Notice 35 days before end of contract
Billing via E-Mail
Setup-fee free on request
Bandwidth (UP/DOWN) 1000 Mbit/s 1000 Mbit/s 1000 Mbit/s
Highspeed Webspace (Web-/Mailserver) 1 GB (SSD/NVME Storage) 20 GB (SSD/NVME Storage) on request
Daily Backups Yes, on off-site server
SSL-Certificates (HTTPS) free
IPv6-Connection whole Infrastructure is IPv6 compatible
Minimum contract period 1 year on request
Server location Austria
Current origin 100% from hydropower and renewable energy
Traffic unlimited, fair-use your choice
Cronjobs unlimited, configurable via shell
Operating system 64 Bit Ubuntu LTS your choice
Access via(S)FTP 1 unlimited
Own unix-user 1 unlimited
MySQL databases 2 5 unlimited
MySQL Administration tool phpMyAdmin provided by the customer
Webserver Apache provided by the customer
Own web server configuration via .htaccess Yes
PHP Customer can choose PHP version provided by the customer
CMS - Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Typo3, MediaWiki, … Yes Yes
Own IP-Address (IPv4 and IPv6) on request Yes
Web-based File Manager Yes -
Shell access via SSH Yes Yes
Root Access No Yes
Domains including 1x .at/.com/.net/.org/.info/.eu ... on request
Domains available unlimited ** on request
Subdomains 10 unlimited 
Own DNS records unlimited, configurable via web interface
E-Mail addresses 10 30 unlimited *
E-Mail forwarding 100 300 unlimited *
E-Mail query services 10 30 unlimited *
Mailfilter, -rules und -responder unlimited; configurable vis roundcube unlimited *
Automatic configuration in Thunderbird Yes Yes *
SSL Yes Yes *
E-Mail Protocols POP3, IMAP POP3, IMAP*
Webmail Yes Yes *
Spam and Virus Protection Yes Yes *
DKIM-Support Yes Yes *
* = if the shared mail server is being used. Otherwise it has to be provided by the customer
** = reselling of products by MyWebspace customers is prohibited